Wherever your journey takes you - you'll always find something.

Naoni Jewelry is created from little finds of Mother Nature’s creations, collected from all corners of the world, combined, embellished and crafted into unique jewelry with its own exclusive character. Inspired by nature's richness, gold and silver leafs compliment the natural beauty of materials like pods, seeds, bark, shells or feathers.

I am constantly searching nature’s environment for new materials to create my jewelry collections, samples of which are shown within these pages. To celebrate the unique style of my customers, I also craft individual custom orders.

A moment, a memory, an emotion, an adventure, a place to remember... and the little things you found on your way. I make jewelry from your finds, be it a sea shell from a beach stroll on your holidays, a seed capsule from the tree in the park where you first kissed, or an exotic decor you found on a market in a country far away when you were travelling the world.  For you, or as a unique and very personal gift for someone dear.

Each piece of jewelry is designed with love - handmade and one of a kind.

Because of its organic composition, please avoid contact with water.

Christiane Campioni